Industry strategy session -
Foresight to Define Future
for FinTech
Minsk, Renaissance hotel
Fintech, DeFi and TradFi
9 - 10 November 2023
Offline in Minsk
+ online
Registration is closed
To all participants:
You receive future ideas for the FinTech sector at the intersection of traditional and decentralized finance, confirmed by market players during Foresight .
You have 2 days to form new partnerships to implement future ideas.
You have the opportunity for further interaction with SparkVS studio to participate in implementing future ideas in various roles.

Foresight Participants
Technologies Association
EDI - провайдер

Who's participating?

Venture investors, funds, syndicates.

In order to reduce the level of uncertainty.

Financial and fintech companies.

To make informed strategic decisions.
To find new ideas and resources for development.

Web3, DeFi developers

To implement new projects demanded by the industry players.

IT companies

To find new projects, products for development
To receive favorable offers.

2 days of work and useful networking for stakeholders in FinTech, DeFi, and IT.
Day 1
Registration from 8-45 to 9-30.
9-30 - Introductory speech of the organizers.
Opening speeches from visionaries and partners
Participant introductions and get to know
Introduction into Foresight technology and Action Plan
Introduction into Foresight subject and framework
Action plan Working Groups: Getting started with the Fintech future map
Day 2
Registration from 8-45 to 9-30.
9-30 - Introductory speech of the organizers.
Action plan Working Groups: Working with trends, opportunities, threats, technologies, and regulatory acts.
Action plan Working Groups: Formulating project initiatives and conduct voting.
17:20 - 18:45 - Closure
19:00 - Buffet, networking, creating useful partnerships, informal socializing.

Participation fee:
US$ 1300 offline,
US$ 1000 online,
⦁special offer for the corporate participants

Foresight Infopartners
Rapid Foresight — the fastest of foresights.
Experts share their opinions and visionary insights.

Participants discuss trends and opportunities at the intersection of traditional and centralized finance.

Participants build a future map using special technology, taking into account the most negative, most positive scenarios, technology opportunities, regulatory acts.
Project initiatives are identified.

More than 2/3 of the future scenarios formed at the foresight come true!*

*- Kuwahara T., Cuhls C., Georghiou L. Foresight in Japan/Eds. L. Georghiou, J. C. Harper, M. Keenan, I. Miles, R. Popper//The handbook of technology foresight: concepts and practice. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2008.
Foresight of St. Petersburg - organized by the Strategic Initiatives Agency.
More than 250 participants, over 50 project initiatives that formed the image of the future of St. Petersburg, a plan for launching projects for regional development, and a permanent platform for dialogue and interaction between business and government.

Industry-specific international EdTech foresight - organized by Spark VS.
More than 100 participants from EdTech, 24 project initiatives developed into 52 ideas within the trends of adult education, worked on by 18 teams at the Spark EdTech hackathon.

We invite partners to participate in the Foresight:
IT companies with experience in blockchain development
Blockchain ecosystems and communities
Financial and fintech companies.
What's next?
  • 1
    The participants of Foresight have created future images and project initiatives for their implementation.
  • 2
    The participants voted for the most valuable initiatives.
  • 3
    The Participants formed partnerships and collaborations with the studio and each other.
  • 4
    Spark Studio organizes project implementation and attracts interested partners!
Foresight is the beginning of a track for project initiatives. Become a participant in Foresight to become a partner in future projects.
probability of Foresight ideas implementation *
Foresight Conversion

*- Kuwahara T., Cuhls C., Georghiou L. Foresight in Japan/Eds. L. Georghiou, J. C. Harper, M. Keenan, I. Miles, R. Popper//The handbook of technology foresight: concepts and practice. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2008.
Foresight Format

FinTech Foresight DeFi and TradFi is neither a conference, nor a seminar. Foresight is a methodology for participants to forecast the future through project creation. Participants form a community of like-minded people who implement projects of the future both at the event and after the end of Foresight.
Use Foresight DeFi and TradFi as a platform for presenting your ideas, initiatives and projects, and also get the opportunity «to pass them through the filter of experts»: check ideas and projects for viability, find partners, resources for project implementation or create a consortium.
FinThech Foresight (DeFi and TradFi) is the perfect business environment for developing your ideas and projects.
The unique event FinTech Foresight DeFi and TradFi, brings together leading experts, technology entrepreneurs, developers, players in financial services markets, FinTech and decentralized finance market.
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